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By dukemanAugust 26, in Engines. I am a new member and have asked one question and had it answered already by Brett, thanks Brett. My question: I just bought a Southwind one owner in excellent condition. I know it is a old one but before I sink a lot of money into this endeavor I want to make sure it is for us. Loosing your brakes in the mountains is not when to decide to change the brake fluid.

The GM 7. The basic engine is a real workhorse. The following is just my opinion. I feel that any coach up to 34' is just about the max for a gas engine. That being said, if you drive it right it should do the job for you.

You might want to take I across Nebraska and Wyoming. There aren't as many mountains that way and it is a nice trip. Lots of flat areas along the way, plus who doesn't want plus weather this time of the year.

Have fun and enjoy your trip. I had a 91 pace arrow I bought new. What I did to help mine was I changed the thermostat to a from the than came with it. I also wired the fans to a manual switch that I could control myself. I always thought it ran to hot especially climbing a big hill or idling. What I did helped.


I would also go to a Banks exhaust and KN air cleaner if I still had the coach. The is a great engine. Our Southwind engine, 32' made the trip from Denver to the Grand Canyon just fine last year and has been very reliable for the last 3 years we've owned it.

We love the coach and don't think we need to upgrade anytime soon. If you take any hills or passes, keep in mind you may take a little more time than before. Ours usually take the steepest Colorado mountains at about mph, and I take the downgrades at the same speed by downshifting accordingly. The only problem I've had with mine is a small power steering fluid leak, which I plan on fixing this winter. A real quick benchmark is the 18 wheelers.Gain extra benefits by becoming a Supporting Member Click here find out how!

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Specifications for the 1988 454 RV Engine

Contact Us. My Cookies. Frequently Asked Questions. Forum Rules. Username Post: guys - what is your mpg? I know my fuel vendor runs a 70's 1-ton carb'd motor with 4.

BTW, pulled the trigger on a new motor for my 94, anbd have it at the body shop getting prettied up. I'm almost to catch up with you!

MPG by Cruiser

But in spirited driving, he says he can get as bad as MPG. Its almost how many gallons to the mile 92 toy hauler, 63,70,Nova,83 Shovel, Blown with N2o 90 step side. It usually gets around 13mpg on the open road regardless of conditions, bed full of junk or empty. Best thing I ever did for mileage is change to a heated O2 sensor.

Oh, I also changed it over to a Vette knock sensor. The original knock sensor is too sensitive. IMO, there is nothing much you can do to justify the swap based on mileage. Although the 4L80E is a great tranny.

454 rv mpg

You'll need a matching ECU for the swap - so keep an eye out. The trannys are not hard to find.Sporting one of the most original looks in the market today, with eye catching Tri-Tone fiberglass and a single piece fiberglass painted cap. With the MPG Ultra-lite our true residential style interiors, led lighting throughout and industry leading barrel roofs, will have you feeling close to home.

MPG will provide you with lasting memories one mile at a time. It is only used to contact you. Please send us any questions or comments you might have about our products. Fill out the form below and one our friendly customer support representatives will send you information any of our models and answer any questions you might have.

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Please select any of our brands you would like to receive information about. Information About Cruiser Dealer Locator. Follow Us Facebook Youtube Pinterest. I understand. Features Gallery These are a sampling of features — Not all features shown are available on all models.Manufactured by Chevrolet, the cubic-inch big-block V-8 is a workhorse used in a multitude of applications. The reliability and high torque made it an ideal choice for everything from light duty trucks, to SUVs and motorhomes.

In its current displacement capacity, the engine debuted in It has since received several refreshes and updates through the years, allowing it to stay competitive and meet the expectations of demanding buyers. It is also customizable, making it highly tunable for different configurations and vehicles.

This 7. Horsepower output varied slightly and was application specific, but typically count on hp to hp, with torque slightly higher, coming in at lb.

The large bore and stroke made the vast majority of power available just off idle, enabling it to be a very capable towing and RV platforms.

The motor is normally aspirated, meaning it does not rely on turbos or supercharging, contributing to the excellent low-rpm torque characteristics. It is fuel injected and runs on regular unleaded gas. A popular choice for recreation vehicles, the Chevy found its home in motor-homes, although it was never originally designed for that purpose.

The volume of engines produced, vast parts availability and relatively cheap cost made the transplant extremely attractive. In the engine was typically found in a long list of Chevrolet pickup trucks, Vans and SUVs, including the popular C truck series, as well as the GMC Suburban line of full-size sport utility vehicles.

Big block Chevy budget build

Many reputable engine builders offer turnkey solutions based on the Chevy for a number of vehicles. Given the volume of engines produced based on this platform, builders offer a comprehensive warranty program. Expect at least a five-year or ,mile warranty. This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.

To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Works, contact us. Finding Your Engine Many reputable engine builders offer turnkey solutions based on the Chevy for a number of vehicles. References HiPerformer. About the Author This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.

Photo Credits rv,rving image by Greg Pickens from Fotolia.However, they can be improved. I recommend upgrading to the Vortec lph fuel pump which can support up to hp and plugs right into a factory TBI sending unit. Stock TBI makes hp and tq so stock fuel pump is maxed out right off and a typical will run better with a fuel pump upgrade even with stock chip.

Always a big complaint with TBI trucks. Nothing is going to help that fuel mileage more than overdrive. As with the other TBI and most vehicles in this era, the exhaust is terrible restrictive. So I recommend upgrading to dual 2.

454 rv mpg

As for headers, you could if you want but at that power level your just going to give yourself headaches with exhaust leaks and burnt plug wires. So I am not going to recommend that. Now when you do open up that exhaust with true duals, you need to look into doing a 3 wire heated o2 sensor conversion to keep the o2 sensor good and hot so that it reads accurately and gives you better fuel mileage. People either skip this entirely, or skimp on the parts used or go crazy.

TBI is a simple injection system. No MSD or other ignition boxes. That just makes diagnosis harder and have yet to see any gains on this system from adding one.

First, if the distributor is out for cam swap or engine replacement then change the pickup stator with a new AC Delco D pickup stator.

I only use AC Delco electrics as most all others is poor quality chinese parts. AC Delco still chinese but have better handle on quality control. If your distributor has over k miles on it. You just asking for a headache that neither of us need. So what to use. GM performance parts division now offers a performance replacement distributor.

For coil, up to rpms stock coil just fine. If your going to rev her on up then I recommend a Pertronix D Good coil for the money. Too many issues with the MSD and Accel coils to recommend them lately. For plugs AC Delco again seems to give me the best plug coloring.

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454 rv mpg

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