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He travelled widely in the west and admitted people to his spiritual order. Haji Hafiz Sayyad Waris Ali Shah at a very early age showed an extraordinary inclination for a religious life: even in his extreme boyhood, he was regarded as amazingly proficient in his knowledge and practice of religion.

He went to Mecca for pilgrimage many times. He was a friend of Abdul Bari. He had many prominent followers from several faiths. An ursor death anniversary, locally known as Dewa mela is observed in October—November. It is attended by nearly a million Muslims and Hindus. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Waris Ali Shah. DewaBarabankiIndia. Sufi orders. List of sufis. Notable early Notable modern Singers. Topics in Sufism. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Dictionary of Indo-Persian literature. India divided. New Delhi: Penguin Books. Akhtar New York: Algora Pub. Naeem Leiden [u. The Sufi saints of the Indian subcontinent.

Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers. Sri Ramanasramam. Retrieved 20 July Teaching of history 2nd ed.Zikr and Prayers. Hazrat-e-Bishr Qarazi narrates that I was travelling with a group of traders along with fourteen camels carrying sugar.

We stopped for the night in a dangerous jungle. In the early hours of the night my four loaded camels disappeared, which were not found even after a lot of search. The group also departed. The camel driver stayed back with me. All of sudden I saw a saintly man dressed in white clothes on a sand dune towards east, who was signaling me to come to him.

As soon as I along with my camel driver reached over there the saintly Man disappeared from vision. We were strangely looking here and there when we suddenly spotted those four lost camels sitting under the sand dune. Then what happened was that we caught the camels and re-joined the group. Why should I go from door to door when I have a mentor like You.

I received every thing from you 'O, Ghous-e-Azam Dastgir. Dear Islamic Brother! It is possible that in someone's mind a thought may arise that we should only ask Allah for any help and no one else, because when Allah is the One who helps then why should we ask anyone else for help?

The answer to this is that this is the way he makes an unknown number of people go astray. When Allah has not refrained from asking for help from someone else then how can someone get the right of saying that don't ask for help from anyone but Allah.

Look in the Holy Quran, where Allah has in various verses allowed asking for help from someone else, but even though being the Omnipotent in every way. He has asked for help from His beings. Therefore it is stated:. Translation: If you will help the religion of Allah, Allah will help you.

Part, Sura: Muhammad. I got worried and want to the blessed presence of Sayyed-e-na Ghouse-e-Pak and requested for help. He told me to go to Karkh, and during the night sit in a deserted place forming a fort Hisar around myself.

Over there think about em and say:" Bismillah" During the darkness of night groups of Jinns will pass by you, their faces will be very strange, do not get scared by looking at them, at the time of sahari the KING OF JINNS will come to you and will ask you about your requirement.

Tell him, "Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani has sent me from Baghdad my requirement is that you search my daughter. During the silence of night, horrifying Jinns kept on passing outside my hisar. The faces of the Jinns were so horrifying that I could not look at them. He asked my demand from outside the hisar. I told him that Huzoor Ghous-e-Azam has sent me to you. As soon as he beard this, he got down the horse and sat on the ground.

The other Jinns too sat outside the hisar. I narrated the incident of the disappearance of my daughter. He announced amongst all the Jinns, "Who has taken the girl? He said, while shivering, Your Highness!

After looking at her I fell in love with her.Breaking News [random][newsticker]. Home Imam Jafar Sadiq R. Islami saal Hijri ke 7we mahine Rajab sharif ki 15 tarikh ko Syedna Imam Jafar laqab "Saadiq" ki shahaadat huwi, apko kisi dushman ne zehr diya. Madina Tayyeba ke muqaddas qabristaan "Jannatul Baqee" mein apke waalid ke pahlu mein apka mazaar sharif hai.

Aksar Musalman 22 Rajab ko aur ba'z 15 Rajab ko kheer aur pooriya pakaakar aur koondo me rakhkar apki niyaaz karte hain, jisko koondo ki niyaaz kaha jaata hai, 2no jayez aur durust hain. Purey mahiney balke purey saal kisi bhi din, kisi bhi tarikh mein subah ya shaam kisi bhi waqt ye niyaaz ho sakti hai.

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Aur behtar hai ke 4, 15 ya 22 Rajab mein ya 3no tarikho mein Syeduna Hazrat Amir Muaawiya ki bhi niyaaz karein. Aur mo'tabar Ulama-e Ahl-e Sunnat ki kitaabo se kitaabo se apki seerat aur apki fazeelatein sunein aur sunayein, taake apke dushmano ki mukhaalafat ho.

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Teeja, 10wa, 20wa, 40wa, 6 maahi, barsi, 11wi, 12wi, Rajab ke koondey ya kisi bhi buzurg ki niyaaz, sab eisaal-e sawaal sawaab pahunchaane ke nafli tariqe hain, jinke na jayez hone ki koi dalil nahi, karna behtar aur na karne mein koi gunah nahi. Din-tarikh aur waqt fix karke kiye jayein tab bhi durust aur saal ke kisi din kisi bhi tarikh aur kisi bhi waqt karein tab bhi durust. Eisaal-e sawaab keliye Shari'at ki taraf se koi taakeed aur paabandi nahi, na waqt ki, na kisi khaas tariqe ki, aur na kisi chiz aur saamaan ki.

Har halaal aur paak chiz par har niyaaz, har faatiha, aur har eisaal-e sawaab ho sakta hai, khud khayein to tabarruk barkat aur shifa aur 2sro ko khaana, kapda, paisa ya koi saaman dein to khairaat. Sawaab ke kam ya ziyada hone, balke milne ya na milne mein insaan ke khuloos aur nek niyat ka dakhl hota hai, din-tarikh, tariqa, ya chiz aur saamaan badalne se sawaab nahi badalta.

Inko zaruri ya Shari'at ki paabandi samajhna awaam ki jahaalat aur na jayez, shirk aur bid'at kehna deobandiyo, wahaabiyo waghaira ki gumraahi aur makkaari hai.

Rajab ki niyaaz ka tabarruk ya kisi bhi niyaaz aur faatiha ka tabarruk chaahe bithaakar khilaayein ya baaher bhejein ya dekar jaane dein sab durust hai. Baaher na bhejna ya le jaane na dena ya din me na khaana khilaana ye sab jahaalat hai.

Bahut si jagah kuchh kitaabein parhi aur suni jaati hain, jinko mannatein aur muraadein puri hone keliye zaruri samjha jaata hai, jaise "Daastaan-e Ajeeb""Lakadhaare ki kahaani""10 bibiyo ki kahaani""Janaab-e Syeda ki kahaani" waghaira, in kitaabo mein jo kuchh hai usme se aksar ya sab be dalil aur be suboot hai. Inse parhez kiya jaaye. Ulama-e Ahl-e Sunnat ki mo'tabar kitaabo se Allaah waalo ke waaqi'aat aur nek aurato ki baatein sunein aur sunayein to achchha hai.

Related Post:. Newer Post.It is the belief that the sufi saints still listen and respond but in other way that is the reason that people visit their Dargahs to make dua from Allah SBT with their reference and perform chadarposhi and chiragha lighting a lamp on grave as a token of respect. Everyone here has a right to visit any religious place. All these things they do with devotions and respect.

His resting place is in Baghdad, Iraq. This shrine is visited by the devotees of all the religions Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs etc. Lal Shahbaz qalandar is also famous as Jhoole Lal. His actual name was juanaid baghdadi but he had multiple titles such as Abul Qasim, Sayyadut taaif. Hazrat Junaid Baghdadi visited haramain sharif at the age of seven. There was a gathering of not less then Ulma here. After listening to Hazrat about gratefulness, all the ulema who were presented in the meeting said that they could not have described it better.

Hazrat Junaid Baghdadi had several karamats supernatural wonders which are done by Auliya Allah ;one of his biggest karamat is to be very firm on Shariah and every action of his life was the refection of the Sunnah of Holy Porphet PBUH.

Kahar Upar Hasan - Bina-E-Karbala Sahadat - Muslim Devotional Songs Taslim, Aarif Khan

Mevlana in urdu is Maulana so the maulana museum in turkey is the final resting place of a famous poet Jalaluddin Muhammad Rumi. Devotees may fast, or give charity and varies from person to person.

Ajmer is a very famous town in the state of Rajasthan, India. He was a migrant from persia and Garib nawaz is considered the prominent personality among the spiritual leaders in the world,this tomb is built with marbles and has 11 arches with the reflection of persian art. Devotees of every religion visit this tomb throughout the year.

There is no barrier of cast and creed to seek blessings from Khwaja Garib Nawaz Dargah. This is one of the most famous Dargahs around the world. The management committee hosts the annual urs on this Dargah. Urs is the death anniversary of the saintly figure, hundreds of thousands of people attend this event. Buland darwaza means a big gate.

Kaliyar is the small town in the Uttaranchal state. He was a saintly figure in Roorkee, another town, which is also famous for Piran Kaliyar Sharif Dargah. Roorkee is 10 Km from Kaliyar and km from Delhi. There are lot of buses available for the journey. It is said that after making his supplications King Akbar was blessed with baby boy and he named him Salim. It even has accommodation for devotees which is within the premises.

There are several hotels, lodges and guest houses near the Dargah, where it is easy to get the accommodation. Lost Password? Create Account.Hum aur tum iss layak bhi nhi k huzoor ka naam bhi le sakey P' baba!!!

Laanat hai tujpe agat na samaj paya darja eghose ajam ka mar jae mit jaega dasta na rahegi dastano me teri. Post a Comment. Subscribe via email Enter your email address: Delivered by FeedBurner. My Other blogs Wallpapers. A] ko Huzoor Nabi Kareem [S. Tamam Ambiya or Rasul ne ap k walid ko Khuwab main Basharat d k siwaye Sahaba k or Aimma k tamam Auliya ap k farzand k farma bardar hon ge or us ki ita'at un k darjat ki bulandi ka baais ho gi.

Aik dafa logon ka 1 group Huzoor Ghos-e-Azam [R. A] k pas aik janaza laykr aaye or ap se farmaya k janaza parha'ain to ap ne janaza prha dia.

gaus pak ki karamat qawali

Logon ne farmaya ap to bare bazurg bante hain or ye to zinda shaks tha iska janaza kaise prha dia. To ap ne farmaya k main ne to murda samajh k janaza prhaya tha ap log kapra hatain jb kapra hataya gaya to wo shaks jis ka janaza prhaya gaya tha wo murda halat main tha. AP [R.

Labels: Karamat-E-Auliya. Moh donay ka pata nai or oliyah Allah ke karamat ko shirk kehtay ho Allah tumayn hadayat day February 9, at PM Unknown said Laanat hai tujpe agat na samaj paya darja eghose ajam ka mar jae mit jaega dasta na rahegi dastano me teri March 28, at PM Unknown said Marjao ge mit jaoge dasta na rahegi tumhari dastano me agar ghosr azam ka darja na damja to March 28, at PM saghir alam baig said Haq ghauos yaa ghauos.

June 13, at AM Unknown said This comment has been removed by the author. November 30, at AM Unknown said Ham apke dar ke kutte ban jai zindagi ban jaige. January 27, at AM yjobs said Allah tala pharmata hai jo meray wali ko kuch kehta hai to my ussay jung ka elaan kartahoon February 15, at PM Unknown said Wali means friend oh bhi kiska? Ya gaus al madad June 14, at PM Unknown said Sahi November 30, at PM Unknown said Newer Post Older Post Home.Recent Posts. Tags makhdoom ashraf qawwali 3gp, Mp4, HD Mp4 video, Download makhdoom ashraf qawwali 3gp Video, Download makhdoom ashraf qawwali Mp4 Video Download, Download makhdoom ashraf qawwali HD mp4 Video, makhdoom ashraf qawwali Video Songs, makhdoom ashraf qawwali Movie Video Song, makhdoom ashraf qawwali bollywood movie video, 3gp makhdoom ashraf qawwali video Download, mp4 makhdoom ashraf qawwali hindi movie songs download, makhdoom ashraf qawwali all video download, makhdoom ashraf qawwali Hd Video Songs, makhdoom ashraf qawwali full song download, makhdoom ashraf qawwali Movie Download, makhdoom ashraf qawwali HD video Download, Mp4 Songs Download, video, 3gp, mp4 download, makhdoom ashraf qawwali Bollywood Songs, makhdoom ashraf qawwali Android Video, Full PC Video, makhdoom ashraf qawwali.

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Subscribe to: Posts Atom. Column Left. Column Right. Popular Posts.On 27 of march as 13 of moharram as it is a first month of Islamic calender.

After namaz e maghrib at the tomb of holy shrine akidatmands of khwaja saw a image shabi-e-mubarak. All recognized religions of the world show that divine preaching and miracles have always been co-related and all the prophet, Saints, messenger of God and founder of various world religions were endorsed with supernatural powers to propagate the divine message.

Gharib Nawaz R. A as one of the Wallie of Allah, was also endowed with such "Supernatural powers to propagate the divine message for this, I would say that his full life right from his birth till death was full of miracles. He did whatever, he wanted and the almighty always granted him blessing without any delay and if we discuss in deep about his miracles this full website will get completed in miracles only so I am writing few of his miracles.

A angry with anyone as long as I remained with him. A accompanied me and a servant Shaikh Ali were going out. Suddenly a man caught hold Shaikh Ali of his clothes and started abusing him. Hazart Khwaja Gharib Nawaz R. A asked the reason of the dispute. He said " Shaikh Ali is debtor and is not repaying the amount given to him.

A said, "Leave him. He will repay your debt. So Khwaja Sahib R. A got angry and he spread his shawl on the ground and asked to take from the shawl amount equal to the debt and warned not to take more than debt.

gaus pak ki karamat qawali

The man picked up the money certainly more than the debt and soon his hand dried up. So he started crying and asked for mercy. Khwaja Sahib R. A pardoned him and his hand recovered. The man immediately became the disciple of Khwaja Sahib R. A was passing through a Jungle, some atheist dacoits came in his way.

They used to snatch belonging of travelers and if the traveler was a Muslim they used to kill him as well. When these decoits faced Khwaja Sahib R. Athere happened a miracle, The band of decoits who had been engaged in looting and killing the people, started trembling with fear, and fell on the feet of Khwaja Sahib R.

A and said, "we are your slaves.

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