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Reader where the reader is the first child and by the third movie, is married to Eret and is pregnant. Originally posted by shirehobbit. You watch with a frown as Hiccup runs a hand through his dirty brown hair, his fingers trailing over the map on the ground. Are we sure its still there? Smile dropping, you set down your cup, Hiccup rising to his feet and pulling out his flame thrower. So stupid I must say. You clench your jaw, Grimmel holding up a dart. I want them all!! Ever since I was little, Ive killed dragons bigger and smaller than me.

Two dragons bust through the wood of your home, spitting out green venom that spread through the walls and erupted in flames. Get out of here!! Flames envelope into a blockade in front of you, the red reflecting off your orbs, stomach tightening in fear. Meanwhile at Town Hall.

Your scream brings silent to the town hall, every viking and dragon stopping to stare at the first child of Stoick. But we cant fight out of fear.

We fight out of the thought of loosing everything we battled for in the past, our dragons. You run a hand through your hair, sighing heavily, Hiccup putting a hand on your shoulder and squeezing. Hours later. Hiccup watches at the two women meet up, Valka pressing her hands to the bump that held her unborn grandchild, looking up at her daughter. You are staying here. You move away, walking towards the hut made, tapping Skullcrushers nose and directing him to follow you.

Its mere four hour later before talking is heard outside, your form leant against Skullcrusher as you sung to your stomach, your own dragons head laid in your lap. The huts curtain pulls open, Eret stepping inside, removing his armor and wincing at the burns and cuts on his arms and chest. Your eyes scan his toned chest, hand brushing the bruises littering his chest and shoulder, before gliding your hand to his face. Why arent you resting? Your husband narrows his eyes, chuckling as he slides away and sinks down to sit next to Skullcrusher.

Eret hisses at a pierced cut, that burned as you dabbed it.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. With the support of the communitywe've added 2, new members this drive.

Thank you so much! We accept donations year round, so if you haven't donated yet, there's still time to add your support! First, Snotlout wants to know what the hell Hiccup is smoking in trying to send their dragons away. Circumstances may push us in a certain direction, but we can always choose take the opposite path. Brennda and Harald struggle to find a way to be together despite the the conflict between their respective sides. The return of Harald's nemesis escalates the situation.

An ancient map at the heart of an old legend may be the key to finally finding peace in the archipelago and proving to everyone that some ideas are worth fighting for. These will range from fluff to angst to slice of life.

Probably some one-shots sprinkled in. We'll see how it goes. This is the sequel to A. See what awaits our heroes this time.

Grimmel the Grisly

Single once more, friends gone, and lonely with nothing better to do than work on computers and play with his cat, Hiccup accepted his fate of being alone for the rest of his life until a new flower shop opened up in Berk.

Just in time for Mother's day. The owner, new to the island with a hidden past, squirms his way into Hiccup's life in a way that he couldn't predict. Idar the son of Alvin The Treacherous has always hated Berk as his father had told him lies about how he was kicked off Berk, but when Idar discovers a Dragon Hatchlings his life turns for the better or worst.

And when she does confront him in a duel on the deck of his ship, she loses—because how else can you react except in surprise to the pirate saying the words that have been on your wrist since birth, words you expected to hear at a formal ball, and not punctuated by cannons? This is my version of the third movie. Its more Viggo centric, he plays an important part in it. Its the continuation to "Alternative End of Triple Cross".

I will change more or less the original storyline, I am currently working at it. Updates will be sporadic, maybe slow. The life of a Dragon Hunter is filled with grit and violence. When hunters are fighting for bounties to stay alive, only the most skilled in the trade ascend the ranks and become a success. Desperation hits the hunter population as Kelda, a new and rising Huntress, is sent on behalf of her aging guild to collect the bounty for a Skrill dragon. A fight to prove her worth instead takes Kelda on a journey beyond her imagination and the only life she has ever known, and brings Grimmel further down his path of destruction.

Kelda is my OC but if you want to also imagine yourself in her shoes that's great too! The two run away never to be seen or heard from again. However,when a dragon god-wannabe and a big game hunter sets their eyes on the two Haddock Brothers and their allies,the two have no choice but to ask help from the last place they expected;Berk.

I don't want to be protected if it means we have to part. Krogan and Johann have been defeated, but now Stormheart is even more of a threat. To make matters worse, Harald is doing everything he can to push Brennda away from him. He drives her crazy, but she can't totally give up on him. Then a new threat forces Berk to relocate, and an unexpected alliance results that may give Brennda the opening she needs to get through to Harald once and for all.

It has been a year since Drago's defeat and all seems well on the island of Berk as Vikings and dragons live together in peace and harmony.He was a dragon hunter who believed that dragons must be exterminated, and was responsible for bringing the Night Furies to near extinction, leaving Toothless the last one of his kind.

Grimmel is made to be a polar opposite of Hiccup, as he is essentially what Hiccup could have become if the latter took a darker path. Whilst Drago Bludvist is meant to be a foe of brute force, Grimmel is designed as an adversary of wits and manipulation.


Grimmel originally came from the continent, [1] and when he was a boy, he came across and killed a Night Fury in its sleep. His village hailed him as a hero for this act. At some point, he managed to drug a pack of six Deathgrippers with their own venom and trained them to become vicious killers that would only listen to his commands.

Grimmel also became acquainted with Eret, Son of Eret and Stoick the Vastfor he even complimented the Viking chief as one of the greatest dragon hunters to have ever lived.

Eir Stormheartseeking revenge on Drago Bludvist and the tyrannical people like him, formed a partnership with Grimmel after the death of her father. He supplies her with dragons to experiment on, and she supplies a special drug formula to subdue and control dragons. However, Grimmel betrayed her, taking her ideas and concocting a dragon control serum for himself, building on her idea for harnesses and bridles for drug delivery, and most significant — steals her one major scientific accomplishment, the Chimeragon.

grimmel x reader

However, the Chimeragon has an unforeseen side effect — rapid aging. Grimmel then traveled to Scriven Rockan island of scholars, in his airship with the Chimeragon in tow. He hoped to find a way to stop the aging process amongst the knowledge of the people and the large collection of scrolls there.

One islander, Scribblersees the elderly Chimeragon, and sets him free, both fleeing to the dragon sanctuary on Havenholme. Grimmel sends some of his Dragon Trapper lackeys after him, but is unsuccessful in retrieving the dragon. Grimmel was hired by the Warlords because of the Dragon Riders' constant interference with their dragon poaching operations.

Grimmel was initially uninterested since his business was in killing dragons instead of retrieving them. He commented on how Hiccup had already did the work for the Warlords by gathering all of the dragons in Berk. When he asked the Warlords on why they needed him, they responded that the Alpha of Berk's dragons is a Night Fury.

Grimmel was shocked that one managed to elude him.It was hard to pinpoint the exact moment everything went so terribly wrong. Perhaps it was their second attempt to capture Grimmel backfiring so horribly had he learned nothing?

More likely, however, it was when they were all scrambling to escape from the Deathgrippers, and he leapt to grab his mom's hand…and missed. Well, he didn't miss exactly, it's just that a very large, angry dragon lunged out of the smoke and crashed into him.

Hiccup tumbled to the floor, winded and bruised. He had to get up, get out…the Deathgripper loomed over him, venomous tail poised to strike. Hiccup yelled and rolled away as it stabbed down, scrambling to his feet and choking on the smoke. He could barely see. He was about to call out for Toothless to help him when he remembered — Toothless isn't here. Toothless was Thor-knew-where.

He staggered through the smoke, trying to follow their voices and avoid the Deathgrippers. Where was Grimmel? He'd probably retreated and was laughing at Hiccup from a safe distance. Without warning, a pale hand shot out of nowhere and seized his wrist like a leech.

Grimmel's lips curled into a cruel smile and he held on tighter, painfully so. Hiccup punched him in the face; the man's death-grip loosened just enough for him to wrench himself free, nails scratching lines into his skin.

He didn't get far, however, before being pinned. The Deathgripper slammed Hiccup to the floor; he struggled, but he didn't have the strength to throw the dragon off. If Toothless was there he'd be able to, surely, but he wasn't there, Hiccup was alone and weak and useless and — "No!

That sharp, commanding shout came not from Hiccup, or any of his friends where were they all? Astrid and Valka stayed behind, but had the others? Or had they fled? He should be glad they got out, but part of him felt betrayed.

eret x reader

It came from Grimmel, stopping the dragon from killing him. Which wasn't good. Not that he wanted to die, of course, but if Grimmel was keeping him alive it probably wasn't out of the goodness of his heart. In fact Hiccup wasn't sure the hunter had a heart at all. He was trapped, helpless — useless — and he could hear the rest of Grimmel's men rushing to capture them.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: words With the support of the communitywe've added 2, new members this drive.

Thank you so much! We accept donations year round, so if you haven't donated yet, there's still time to add your support! In a cruel twist of fate, the plan to capture Grimmel the Grisly turns horribly wrong when Hiccup is taken prisoner instead.

grimmel x reader

Forced to leave him at the mercy of their enemies, Astrid and the others rush to find Toothless so the Alpha can lead his flock into battle and a rescue. Hiccup, meanwhile, struggles to resist torment meted out by the warlords demanding to know where Berk and the Night Fury are. I guess I write and draw things at the same time? Once upon a time, a baby named Hiccup was taken from Berk and raised entirely as a dragon. Years later, he and Toothless brought war to the Queen of the Nest and peace to Berk, and took down Drago Bludvist as an encore.

A spontaneous decision to rescue a young woman from a trader changes a dragon hunter's life in ways he didn't anticipate. A large and polished shield made of fine metal serves as a mirror, its reflection revealing a proper, handsome young man. Not a meek boy with unkempt hair. A kinder person could have fallen for the young man by now. Not you.

You are not a kind man. Hiccup is the captain of his ship, the Night Fury. Together, he and his crew of outcasts, pillage the seas in search for treasure. One day, Hiccup finds a map left by his father, leading them to a remote island with the promise of great wealth.

Haikyuu reacting to Y/n being dumped

But instead of riches, the young captain stumbles upon a living myth. A merman who guards the treasure they seek.Thanks to lunarcrown for this AU. Your name: submit What is this? It was supposed to be so simple. But you realized too late that it had been a trap. Everyone had barely managed an escape. Everyone except Hiccup. As usual, he was the last one out. Trying to make sure everyone was safe. The massive chains covering the exit came down just as you were reaching to pull Hiccup out.

No one had been able to console you. His vision was blurry and he felt dizzy. He winced as he slowly sat up. Where am I?

He thought as his vision came back into focus. He looked around slowly, barely recognizing where he was. As he rubbed his eyes, memories came flooding back to him. He had been with you and the rest of the team. You all had gone to capture Grimmel but it was a trap. He remembered the flames of the Deathgrippers. He remembered staying behind as his mother called for Cloudjumper to come save you.

He remembered your hand reaching for him right as the chains fell down again. He could still hear your voice screaming for him as you were carried away. Then he fell. He fell and hit his head on something hard, knocking him out. That explained the pain in his head. Wait, he knew that voice.Any act of removing this villain from the category without a Removal Proposal shall be considered vandalism or a futile "heroic" attempt of redemption and the user will have high chances of being terminated blocked.

You cannot make said Removal Proposal without permission from an admin first. Additional Notice : This template is meant for admin maintenance only. Users who misuse the template will be blocked for a week minimum. He also serves as the overarching antagonist in the short film Book of Dragons. He is a ruthless dragon hunter who won the reputation of a hero, by driving the Night Fury race of dragons to near-extinction and has his eyes set on Toothless, the last Night Fury in existence, and will stop at nothing to hunt the dragon down, putting him in conflict with Hiccup along the way.

He is the cruelest, most manipulative and greatest enemy that Hiccup and the rest of the Dragon Riders ever faced and is Hiccup's greatest archenemy after Drago Bludvist. He was voiced by F. When Grimmel was just a boy, he found a Night Fury in a vulnerable state while it was sleeping, but chose to kill it in its sleep instead of training or befriending it.

As such, the simple act of courage he did made his village consider and treat him as a hero. Motivated by this, Grimmel dedicated the rest of his life to killing dragons, especially Night Furies, and became praised as a hero for it. He eventually succeeded in hunting down almost all of the Night Furies, and was respected by a few folk for killing a number of other dragons.

He even managed to discover the atrocious venom of the pugnacious Deathgrippersand drugged six of them with it, thus making the creatures loyal to him. His actions were enlightened as he had powerful and strong minions who could kill anything or anyone trying to attack or enclose him.

grimmel x reader

He even managed to invent a platform for him to ride from place to place with his Deathgrippers carrying it in the air and a bundle of equipment for him to capture and even carry his prey, including a crossbow that could pierce any dragon's hide.

Grimmel became more savvy and dangerous amongside dragons and people that he could manipulate anyone who he comes across with. He was even ennobled the title 'Grimmel the Grisly' and became the greatest dragon slayer across the world, for murdering hundreds of dragons, especially the entire Night Fury race.

However, one Night Fury was never slaughtered — Toothless, who survived the Night Fury genocide because Toothless was with Hiccup and was sheltered as a result, yet Grimmel was unaware of it. One year after the demise of Drago BludvistGrimmel is summoned and hired by the Warlords to capture Toothless, the sole Night Fury that he has not hunted down, because of their problem with dragon poaching; their intentions were to conquer the world by using dragons they are trying to hunt now that they have assumed the leadership of the Northern Alliance.

Grimmel accepts the offer, but hides from them secrets about what he plans to do with Toothless. He plans on using a female Light Fury as bait for Toothless, and frees her at Berk, but leaves a poison dart nearby and hides a trap. Grimmel walks down the stairs and approaches Hiccup whilst the latter is studying his father's notes, and pours himself a wood tankard of tea or wine.

He explains to Hiccup how he nearly hunted down all of the Night Furies, and shoots Toothless sleeping under a blanket, not realizing that it was actually Fishlegs who was sleeping under the blanket instead. Hiccup detests Grimmel by proclaiming that he will never relinquish Toothless. Then, the Dragon Riders come out of hiding and enter the room.

The Deathgrippers use their acid to burn down Hiccup's house, as well as most of Berk and Grimmel disappears with an ultimatum: if Toothless is not surrendered the next day, then he will destroy everything Hiccup loves.

However, unbeknownst to them, they do exactly as Grimmel had planned. Later after this happens, by the Great Hall, Grimmel reveals to the Warlords exactly where the Berkians are headed. After have incinerated and pillaged Berk, Grimmel returns to his tower, where the Northern Alliance are in development in their conquest.

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