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Glima is the name of the system of martial arts used in the region of Scandinavia. This form of martial arts was used by the Vikings. The word "Glima" in Old Norse means a glimpse or flash, which gives the definition of the systems techniques. Glima is divided into two categories: Combat Glima and Sport Glima. Lausatok Lose-tak or Combat Glima is the form of glima used for self-defense and combat. As a self defense system, it contains throwsstrikeskickschokesjoint lockspain and weapon techniques.

It's comparable with the best complete martial arts systems around the world. Lausatok Glima was the basis for the Viking fighting expertise. Sport Glima was most widespread throughout the Viking Age and was practiced by both men and women of all ages. Glima as a sport covers several types of Scandinavian Folk wrestling : Lausatok free-grip glimaHryggspenna back-hold glima and Brokartok trouser-grip glima.

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Glima was so important for the Viking society that the thunder god, Thorwas also the god of wrestling. Notable practitioners: Lars Magnar Enoksen. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Categories :. Cancel Save.Welcome to the Veritas Wiki! A wiki dedicated to everything about the manhwa series Veritasthat anyone can edit. Please help us by creating or editing any of our articles! We are currently editing over articles and images since June Careful: This wiki contains spoilersread with caution!

Add to this list. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Welcome to the Wiki! Fire Dragon. Featured Article. Random Cover. Fruits Basket. Categories :. Cancel Save. Veritas is about a middle-schooler named Gangryong Ma is saved one day by a man whose strength is beyond belief.

This man is called Lightning Tiger. He teaches Gangryong a martial art known as the Enlightenment Of Thunder and Lightning or EOTLthereby introducing him to a world of power that will change his life forever.

One year later, people come to see him and announce that his "master" is dead and show him the only body part they managed to recover was his charred, broken remains of his arm. Because he was his only student, Gangryong has to follow them and go to a school where everybody are powerful martial artists.

He accepts this as a way to farther his training and to find out why his master was killed.The weapon is sometimes called Indra-musti which means Indra 's fist. The vajramusti is usually made of ivory or buffalo horn. Its appearance is that of a knuckleduster, slightly pointed at the sides and with small spikes at the knuckles.

The variation used for warfare had long blades protruding from each end, and an elaborate bladed knuckle.

List of Martial Arts Kids/By Species

The first literary mention of vajra-musti comes from the Manasollasa of the Chalukya king Someswara III —although it has been conjectured to have existed since as early as the Maurya dynasty. Matches were patronized by royalty and wrestlers thus became held in high regard. The Jyesti clan trained specifically in malla-yuddha and vajra-musti.

The Malla Purana is a Kula Purana associated with the Jyesti sub-caste, and is thought to date back to the 13th century. It describes the preparation of the arena, and exercises used, types of wrestlers, defines necessary physical characteristics, techniques of wrestling, and provides a fairly precise account of which foods wrestlers should eat in each season of the year.

By the 16th century, the Jyestimalla were synonymous with fighting, renowned athletes and professional fighters who would act as bodyguards for the rich. During the Mughal era, Negrito aboriginals of Gujerat sometimes mistakenly referred to in European writings as being from Madagascar due to their appearance were trained in vajra-musti from infancy.

They have a captain over them, and they do not perform any other service in the kingdom. By the colonial period, the Jyesti clan became known as Jetti. At this time the Jetti of Baroda are recorded as practicing naki ka kustia form of wrestling with bagh nakh. James Scurry wrote the following account while he was a prisoner of Tipu Sultan in the late s.

Their heads were close shaved, their bodies oiled, and they wore only a pair of short drawers. The family tradition of wrestling lost its prestige without its royal patronage.

Modern Indians regarded such violent sports as barbarically outdated. Even the relatively safe malla-yuddha dwindled in popularity.

Fights persisted nonetheless, typically held during Dasara festivals. Australian martial artist John Will trained in vajra-musti with one of the last masters in the s, during which time the art was already nearly extinct.

Vajra-musti matches are still held during the annual Mysore Dasara festival, a tradition dating back to the Wadiyar dynasty in Unlike the bloody matches of old, modern combatants use knuckle-dusters with blunt studs.

The fight ends immediately after first blood is drawn, and the referee's verdict is seldom questioned. On the rare occasion when the decision is disputed, the loser or his guru can appeal to the judges panel. The umpire and the judges are normally former wrestlers with decades of experience.Once a common youth with average talent, until he found a strange cube that changed his destiny and set him on the path to becoming the greatest cultivator in the 33 heavens and 18 abysses.

In the beginning, his looks was fairly average and he was rather tanned due to his excessive martial arts training in the heat of the sun.

Lin Ming seemed valiant and noble, but in truth that was because there was a sharp aura that came from his forehead. He became increasingly perfect and flawless because of the many transformations in his life, his appearance and temperament stood out as a dragon among men.

He had lived through many great changes, and the air around him seemed much sharper and fiercer than before. He is described to have sword-straight eyebrows that slanted towards his temples and that his appearance was resolute and proud.

He gave off a sharp feeling as if he were some treasure sword hidden in a sheath. Lin Ming's nose was straight and his face seemed to be carved by the sword of a master. His back was broad, his spine strong. His legs were long and filled with potent power. Every muscle striation seemed to flow like a river, appearing like art itself.

Every subtle line of his muscles was filled with powerful and dominant beauty. His skin seemed as if it were a work of art carved from the most precious jade. At this time, his entire body could be called perfection. His long black hair hung loose and his momentum was extraordinary. Just by standing there, he resembled a spear, noble and dignified. Lin Ming, at times, also resembled a young and elegant scholar.

But, there was actually a great dragon slumbering within his body. Once it awoke, the heavens and earth would tremble! In the beginning, Lin Ming always had a heart for the martial way and would practice martial arts all-day until the pain was bone-deep. His devotion to martial arts and the spear was one of the main factors that helped him reach higher levels and greater strengths in his martial road.

Lin Ming was always seen as a resolute man that had a straightforward personality. When people like Lin Ming said something, they would always push through. He has always been determined to reach his goals and strives to achieve them.

Since the start of his martial road, Lin Ming has spared no effort in reaching the peak of martial arts. Lin Ming has always veered towards the righteous path. His nature was to be fair and upright. He would be consistent in what he does and will never renege on a promise. The promises he made he would complete sooner or later; he disliked when others doubted him. He is also a very hardworking young man that believes those who view martial arts as a tool to get fame and glory will fall.

In the beginning, he was particularly timid towards the relations of man and women. This might be because of his torn past with Lan Yunyue. However, after so many years of martial arts practice, Lin Ming was no longer that newbie who had entered the Seven Profound Martial Housenearly losing his mind in the pass of passion on that sea jade platform. It was said that with Lin Ming's talent and character, he would be an incredibly fierce character.

He not only had terrifying strength but also a cool mind. When Lin Ming did something he always acted within his limitations with full knowledge of the consequences. In a tense situation, he had still chosen to use the most appropriate tactic at the key moment! At one time, he had been named a demon even amongst those demonic realm cultivators.But anyways, the novel is really good. The novel starts out with a very basic approach, you have the enemies and MC getting a very powerful object that helps him cultivate and get stronger.

The world is very well made and interesting to read about. We do not know a lot, but the MC will interact with most of the super powers in one way or the other. And the MC felt really stupid, trying to court death every 10 seconds. There are also a good amount of characters around the MC, Demonic Ape and Shameless Monk are basically the trio and they themselves have their own personalities and are great overall.

There is harem, about four people at chapter So if you want romance, go ahead, I personally thought it was really good compared to other CN. You must be logged in to post a comment. Thunder Martial. Description It begins on the mountain. With the glint of a knife, a flash of steel in the hands of a sworn brother. A betrayal. Stabbed and pushed down the mountain, Zi Chen lied within the red-stained snow, left to die.

This is where it begins; he is given life by lightning, baptized by thunder. Those who had once betrayed him should all suffer in his cruel revenge. Tag: BetrayalCultivationReincarnationRevenge. Publisher: 17k. Status: On-going.

Status: Chinese. Log in to Reply. So give it a try, the start IMO will be quite annoying, but it does get better over time. Leave a Reply Cancel Reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Thunder Martial Book 2 Chapter Ma Gangryong Yoochun. Enlightenment Of Thunder and Lightningalso known as E. L, is a traditional Korean martial art belonging to the Heavens Riches Faction. L is one of the 5 traditional arts of Heavens Riches Five Paths which focus on the manipulation of the five traditional.

The breathing method of E. EOTL had long gotten rid of the traditional movements and forms and has instead been taught so that each successor could incorporate EOTL into their own fighting styles as a way to advance the art. Essentially, EOTL uses the "quality, not quantity" approach, as the art relies on having a very refined and pure Ki even if not much in amount, instead of enormous quantity of unrefined Ki, the breathing method is the key to purifying the Ki to be used, similar to how only pure uranium can be used to create an atomic explosion.

Fire Dragon states that the art takes Yin Ki and Yang Ki and turns them into negative and positive charges which are then collided. The focal point of breathing is Yin of inhaling negative charge and Yang of exhaling positive charge.

Due to the Metal elements presence in the body the user's body is very tough [5]. Lightning Tiger's master was said to have advanced the art to such a degree that even the master of Heavens Riches could not stand up to it.

Advanced Skills - Close Contact: Also known as the killer techniques they may cause the user damage if improperly used. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ].

thunder martial art wiki

Categories :. Cancel Save. Other Name. Parent Martial Art. Five Heavenly Paths. Manhwa Debut.While outer ki and inner ki both exist, inner ki is a major part of a martial artist's strength.

Thunder Martial (TM)

It has been noted that in the hands of a gosu with great inner ki, even a dead leaf can become a weapon that can pierce iron plates. The bodies of martial artists and regular humans have various important points on the body that determine ki output as well as one's mortality.

There are twelve ki veins and eight erratic ki passages which are joined by the regular flow of one's ki. According to Gang Ryongno-one can take a Divine Heavenly Destruction Technique head on and live; however, Sa Paecheoneven whilst nursing internal injuries, took half of them from the Heavenly Destroyer himself and survived.

The Iron Lion is a master of said techniques. The Soseondang Clan existed near the Yunnan Castle and over generations they pursued the " ultimate understanding " of the sword rather than fame or honour. The swordsmanship of Soh Cheongwon the One Sword, the late 5th Clan Master of the Soseondang, was so swift and sublime that even renowned martial artists could barely follow his movements with their eyes.

Though not much is currently known about it, the style seems to involve powerful strikes. It is a truly enigmatic art that, once mastered, enables its user to harmonise with the ki of natural elements such as plants and rocks and utilise their power as one pleases; retracing the martial art's origins, the Life Drain Technique is more like a Sage Art or Taoist Art than a martial art.

At some point during his life, he passed on the martial art style to Gha Woobok. The strength of these techniques is enough that they can clash evenly with the Divine Heavenly Destruction Techniques utilised by both the Heavenly Destroyer and his disciple. These are martial arts techniques that are not specifically linked to any particular martial arts style.

If the target succumbs to the illusions and reacts to them in any way, the illusions then become real to the target.

Then, unless they defeat the psychosomatic illusions, they will be killed by them. Once their training is complete and the possessed novices have fully inherited the possessor's martial art, the spirit departs their body. However, this forbidden technique comes with extreme drawbacks. For the process to be successful, novices need both a complete understanding of the martial art they are inheriting as well as being compatible with the martial art itself and a tremendous amount of ki.

In addition, the novices need incredible mental and physical fortitude in order to overcome the extreme pain caused by undergoing Ultimate Metamorphosis during possession. Due to this, despite the strict selection criteria and the many years of training that follow, the number of people that survive this accursed technique are close to zero.

However, it is said that those who successfully inherit their possessor's martial art attain a martial arts prowess powerful enough to rule their era. The user must first set up multiple small stone altars and once the target enters its vicinity, they get trapped in an illusory space leaving them at the mercy of the user. In addition, it is said that those trapped can't make it out alive unless the user allows them to and how Heuk Lan disposed of her opponents were by placing them at a bottom of a fissure in the illusory space and creating a tsunami to consume them.

Outside the ward, the ward can be seen as a massive whirlpool of fog. Certain people have the power to cast sensory illusions, ranging from simple ocular illusions such as changing one's appearance to overwhelming somatosensory ones such as making someone believe they have lost a limb.

Hand strikes

Illusionists try to unsettle their opponents in various ways; the moment their opponent becomes rattled and lets their emotions get the better of them, the illusionist has already won. According to Yang Jeonghakthe best way to break free from an illusion technique is to not get caught in an illusion technique to begin with by avoiding the gaze of the illusionist and keeping one's composure. However, because there is a fine distinction between imaginary pain and real physical pain, seizing the opportunity to break out of the illusion by noticing and using real physical pain comes down to the victim's willpower.

There are many deadly toxins that are used in the branch of martial arts known as the Poison Arts:. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. The summoned archfiends possessing a novice Undergoing Ultimate Metamorphosis Most people do not survive The known survivors The stone altars The illusory fissure created to trap the two slayers The illusory tsunami generated to take care of them What the technique looks like from outside.

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thunder martial art wiki

The term itself refers to someone who is highly skilled in a particular field.

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